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You were arrested on an assault crime relating to domestic violence and you need Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer, Brendan McLeod.  An Assault Crime Attorney in Louisville operates excellently for bond reduction, probation revocation and anything else that happens because of this probation violation.  Emergency protective orders are closely related and our Domestic Assault Attorney in Louisville will handle these family court matters, too.  
Gun Crime and assault crime, especially domestic assault, is information only obtainable from an experienced criminal attorney and not from aninternet blog. You won't find it. Just call Brendan at 502.386.1414.  
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Domestic abuse is misconduct that is multi jurisdictional.  Domestic Violence not only has a criminal court aspect, but the Emergency Protective Order is a type of restraining order issued out of Jefferson Family Court.  If the domestic charge is egregious enough then the federal government has simultaneous jurisdiction, to.   The standard for a criminal trial is "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt," but only "preponderance of the evidence" in a civil proceeding. 
All this rolls and spindles uphill to the Federal Domestic Engine that further defines these infractions, criminal and civil.  
We try to beat the EPO, and are very successful, often leading to dismissal in criminal court.  
As a side, domestic violence is created by drama and fabricated to get particular humans to the position they desire.  I have video of EPO Hearings where the alleged domestic victim fabricated the story in an effort to obtain citizenship.  An illegal immigrant that is victim to domestic violence qualifies immediately for a permanent green card status.  
Video of Emergency Protective Order - Click to Play

Domestic Violence Quickie: the history, policy, those that gaff the system, those that bust them and the REDNECK CUSTODY HEARING (variation of the redneck divorce.  See next section of webpage.)

In the next section of this webpage, I give an overview of domestic violence.  How it is promulgated from the federal government, to the states, to each municipality.  

As stated, the research of Domestic Abuse, Violence, and assaultive behavior is for the purpose of helping the general public.  Educate the public and domestic violence will decrease.   

Liars.  Inevitably, people will use the laws, meant to be for the good of the public, for their own benefit.  

Who would do this?  No way!?!  Yep, way.  

Here is an EPO hearing where there was an EPO and an Assault 4 in Criminal Court Pending.  

Don't lie in front of me and in open court because I will stop your gaffing!  

The Redneck Custody Hearing. This video is someone who was attempting a the beginning of the Redneck Custody Hearing much like the Redneck Divorce exlained in the Overview, next section of the webpage.  

It is really unaimaginable that someone would outright lie from the police officers at the scene, to filling out a petition for an Emergency Protective Order to testifying under oath in the hearing.

Well, it happens, often.  This video is one.  

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Domestic Violence Law: Overview by Brendan McLeod
 Kentucky Domestic Law up to U.S. Domestic Law 
         Domestic Violence and Abuse Law and its current state in Kentucky, Louisville and other counties, distinguished.
An in depth overview of the laws regarding Domestic Abuse and how they reach the states from central government.  Also, the Redneck Divorce.
Having taught Business Law at the University of Louisville I found this type of information interesting to students (as much as it can be), and the public.  

If you are arrested for a domestic violence assault crime or even terroristic threatening crime which includes physical, emotional and psychological abuse, you become a statistic in a much bigger picture created by the Federal Government.  All areas of domestic violence are tracked by the federal government by reporting requirements of local municipalities.  Domestic Abuse Crime is a catch all to include assault crime, terroristic threatening crime, harassment crime, intimidating a witness crime, violation of an emergency protective orders and many others.  

Domestic Abuse, just like many other areas of policy and law are promulgated from the federal government to the states.  If you were arrested in Louisville for  domestic violence crime then you need a domestic assault attorney in Louisville for the job.  The Congress is known for its power of the purse, or its ability to divert federal money to individual states.   In getting individual states to adopt standards that the Federal Government thinks are best it will tempt the states with Federal money.  (i.e,  "Every state that implements the .08 standard for DUI will receive an extra $300 million for infrastructure repair.")  

The government uses positive reinforcement so that the states implement a more harse "negative reinforcment" for citizens, misgivings, or breaking the law.  DUI threshold for Kentucky is now .08. This .08 is signifcantly down from .15 that was not even 20 years ago. The laws in regards to DUI have gotten much more stiff. What I am noticing is longer suspension rates, larger fines and 3rd party technology such as Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and SCRAM systems you put on your body.  Louisville Domestic Violence Crime laws are implemented to be lockstep with what the federal government mandates, requiring you to protect your self and get the best Assault Crime Attorney you can.  Even in the ranks of cities that share much smaller counties a Domestic Assault Crime Attorney is necessary to prevent a charge that can ruin your reputation and criminal record.   

Domestic Violence Crime, as stated, is something the Federal Government researches and tries its best to lower its rate.   To lower the occurrence of Domestic Abuse Crime, the Federal Government follows the same positive enforcement incentives that DUI law.   Research dollars have poured into the "cycle of domestic violence" and its affect on individuals, families and development of children in that kind of environment. Individuals my age can probably remember a time when there was NO domestic violence. Well, there was plenty to go around, but there was no branding, or telling people "that is domestic violence that you are witnessing."  And I don't recall many people, couples or otherwise, arrested for domestic violence. Like many other things in United States History, it was much the "Toys in the Attic" problem. You don't see what you don't want other people to see and neighbors knew better than to get involved. I bet if you ask someone in their mid-50's and older if they had heard of Anger Management growing up the answer is no. Batterer's Intervention Program (BIP) and other programs, as well. 

Domestic violence and abuse is often outed and made public because of the effort of Government to brighten the lights on perpetrators.  So, awareness and the outing of offenders is a positive outcome.  Educating the public and creating a society of awareness is also a positive.  

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Domestic Violence Attorney; No Drop County

"NO DROP" policy of Louisville / Jefferson County, Kentucky. Louisville, and the county attorney, has declared this a "no drop" zone in regards to domestic violence. This is a good policy if everyone was honest. They are not. When they are not honest and caught up in the drama and shade in the guise of a "domestic occurrence" they cannot back out. The "victim" cannot get away from what was spent into action and the Defendant cannot escape short of a trial or pleading guilty to something they didn't do.  
That is a huge problem.  
This happens all the time. I win a high percentage of Emergency Protective Order Hearings and the majority have a criminal case the accompanies this EPO. So, if a judge in family court determines there is no domestic violence, and the standard of preponderance is so much lower than criminal's beyond a reasonable doubt, then the criminal case should be dismissed, right? No, I have had prosecutors move forward saying that the EPO is a limited evidentiary hearing, he/she wasn't represented by counsel, that they just don't care what had happened. Or they want to pass it for 3 months with no problems and they will dismiss the case. They are quick to point out that we would be hard pressed to get to trial in 3 months. They also will try to add counseling and any follow up as suggested and they ripen the deal by saying they will lift the no-contact order if this is agreed upon.  

Your client must understand they have to persevere. If a relationship is of the quality that someone is going to jail, the relationship is likely over, if it hadn't been over, already, for years. Maybe it is time for themselves to be honest.  

So the no contact stays in place through criminal court, one party is not at their normal home, usually and life drudges along.  


CLICK THESE WORDS TO GO to the statutes controlling domestic violence. 
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 However, with the good comes the bad, the very bad. Some grow up in households, or in other environments where they become educated to the "street side" effects of domestic violence. They see the result and want the result. For example, the domestic perpetrator has to vacate the home, whether they own it or not. The cannot go near the victims place of employment and possibly, they cannot come within 500 feet of the "victim." Where one side is not in the same financial position, this becomes a desired outcome when breakup is imminent and a forgone conclusion, in their mind. Some people are going to take it overboard and use it for attention, their negative being a positive.

This happens a lot and it happens quite often on our only little stage in Jefferson County, Louisville, Kentucky and every other county stage across Kentucky. What has made Louisville, or the county seat Jefferson County, so bad is this "no drop" policy.  
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