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If you are arrested in Louisville for a Firearm Crime then you understand it is a serious offense.  You should waste no time in hiring our Louisville Firearm Crime Attorney to fight the gun case.  Our Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney know that local Louisville Metro Police Department Officers are trained to draw their weapons on most gun encounters and to quickly control the scene.  The aggression of local law enforcement you witnessed after they determined it was a county firearm offense was surely intense as they yelled trying to maintain status quo.   Like the elevation of emotions when a gun is introduced into the scene, the same is with other criminal charges.  Possession of Marijuana, some hybrid between a Class B Misdemeanor and a simple violation jumps up to a Class D Felony if while in possession of a firearm.  Louisville, Jefferson County and other local governments do their best to restrict guns by implementing databases integrated with federal government entities to determine who it is they are talking to that wants a gun in their hands.   Local law enforcement is always on the lookout for people carrying weapons, closer detail to Carrying Concealed Weapons License and by installing an ever increasing number of Metal Detectors.  Local municipalities, say at the county level in Kentucky, maybe the Township level in Pennsylvania, roll their gun law data up to the city level.  The city, say Louisville,  collects its own data and pulls updates up from counties and smaller municipals.  Accordingly, the city, say Louisville, rolls its aggregate amount collected by itself and other municipals within its limits, to a subset for the State, Kentucky.  Now, Kentucky has all aggregate data regarding Firearm Crime, Gun Shooting Charges, age of shooter and victims if known, type of gun used, status of the gun (lost or stolen), where the gun most recently originate from placing itself back into the population,  specific locations where the gun crime took place, the time of day, and much more.  

All this information that is then run up to the federal government by the state, is used by the state, city and smaller municipalities.  Once the data is analyzed and grouped properly different problems become apparent.  Trends in shootings, or higher density areas of gunshot crime or firearm cases are tallied.  With this information analyzed then placement of ShotSpotter Systems and other public safety devices are placed with knowledge.  Systems are placed where they are statistically more certain to pick up on Firearm Crime, among other things.   The Federal Government feels that where there are guns there is going to be drug trafficking, prostitution and other black market type of economics.  With these areas known and a much more specific probability where crime may be occuring, the Metro Government then fastens their Commonwealth Cameras that are monitored.   These are certainly an infringement on individual's right to privacy, but in this public area it has been held that public safety outweighs the concern of the individual.   

The Federal Government has always been beating the drum on gun control.  To the dismay of Criminal Defense Attorney's and the federal government's simultaneous jurisdictions to punish Gun Crime and Criminal Firearm Charges also at the local level, this information is invaluable.   The United States Government started long ago with several precursor plans to control and punish firearms.  

Operation Backfire was promulgated from the Federal Level to the most local of levels.  Every municipality received federal grants to further the progress of different laws monitoring and punishing gun charges.  The local governments also strategically stepped up surveillance with Commonwealth Cameras and the aforementioned ShotSpotter System based upon information collected over previous time periods.    They use the previous year as a baseline and see if violent crimes go up or down for each year as they progress.   This becomes the focal point on police monitoring and intervention to see if their tactics are ultimately effecting crime in the areas where they concentrate their programs.  

The United States Government and its war has never relaxed and it will never stop.  They are extremely tight on the movement of guns interstate, inter-country, and in a very small, local area.  The federal government has many local pockets they analyze, as well, because they HATE domestic violence as much as they hate guns.  The United States have all the statistics in regards to domestic violence and they seemingly always overlap areas where they find firearms charges and handgun crimes most problematic.  

Slowly but surely, the United States is taking on gun issues and they continue to operate in a larger than life, United States Government is surveilling interstate transactions, via phone taps and other big boy tools.  But, they operate in the tiniest crawl space where they intervene with the Domestic Violence Relationship.  

Handgun Crime Attorney in Louisville : Gun Crime Lawyer

The federal government is crazy fanatic about the the amount of guns currently in the public.  However, maybe because everyone I knew growing up with knives and .22 lr rifle.  I can't wait to shoot it.  You and your Pops are really nice people.  
1.  Possession;
2.  Carrying;
3.  Use
4.  Sales or Trafficking
5.  Manufacturing
6.  Importing and Importing 

Federal Gun Crime Atto Near Oil and Criminal Attorney: Crazy Gun Laws

Curiously enough, with rougher times comes crazy kind of law, whose need of enactment will have come and gone.  Examples from the past are the crazy consequences of crack cocaine by the federal government.  Guns have always been extreme with the U.S. centralized government.  However, you already see sentences regarding crack cocaine being adjusted retrospectively in order to alleviate the prisons.  
Kentucky enacted Heroin and Methamphetamine Trafficking law by weight.  Over 2g for Heroin and over 4g for Meth and it is considered "big" trafficking, or 5-10 years.  But, 2 and even 4 grams is such a low threshold on the street right now.  Every client of mine tells me both of these drugs are 20 percent of their costs on the street just 2 years ago.  So, the dragnet is HUGE and they are catching the users.
This is strange and I cannot believe just oversight.  Long rifles possessed by felons carry 1-5 years, a class D felony.   Handguns possessed by felons carry 5-10 years, a class C felony.  
It makes sense that a rifle is harder to conceal and so maybe it is unable to be snuck into places.  They seem to take the approach that long rifles are not as dangerous because of this.   HOWEVER, AR-15 are long rifles.  They have got to be one of the most dangerous guns on the street.  Certainly fast guns whose cartridges are full of power.  
Don't get me wrong because I own guns.  I am prior military in a Combat Weather Unit and qualified as a small arms expert.  But, the M-16's we used, the .223, the same as the AR-15, are deadly accurate.  The guns are  dangerous in the wrong hands.
Congress just seemed to overlook this.  
So, here are some more relevant gun laws.   
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