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Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney with 17 years in Criminal Trial Experience defending against dogs and other pack animals, State Criminal Defense, Federal Criminal Defense, Misdemeanor Crime, Felony Crime, Defense of Capital Murder Case, Defense of Drug Case,  Louisville Crime Lawyer, Domestic Assault Crime, Criminal Offense, DUI charge, Domestic Abuse Crime, Gun Crime,  Firearm Charge, Handgun Charge, Trafficking Charge, Fraud Crime, Robbery Charge, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Shoplifting Charge, Emergency Protective Orders, Mail Order Marijuana Trial, Trafficking in Drugs/Narcotics Crime, Possession of Marijuana Charge, Trafficking in Marijuana Trial, Probation and Parole Violations, Sentence Recalculation Motion, Recalculation of Time Motion, and more...

                      Louisville Crime Lawyer in Kentucky

The Best Criminal Attorney in Louisville handles bond reduction from DUI to Drug Trafficking to Handgun charges.  Born in Louisville, he will know where your arrest or citation occurred for disorderly conduct, assault or felony charges.   Quit worrying and call the Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.   As a bond reduction attorney he wants you out Louisville Metropolitan Jail and I am sure you do, too.  Doing solely criminal defense Brendan is the best lawyer in Louisville for you with this case.  Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony charge our Louisville Lawyer will direct the defense.  

Call Brendan McLeod, Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisville and discuss your case for free. The cellphone is listed, available and answered 24 hours a day.  We exist for your worst times in arrest and rush through as a bond reduction attorney, defense counsel and trial attorney.  You have nothing to lose.  

Free Consultation or advice and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  
Yes, he is available and for any type of criminal charges at anytime.  A criminal attorney in Louisville is going to be most effective.  The best criminal lawyer in Louisville, Ky. will get the best results.  

Often, domestic assault crime ends in arrest.  Our Assault Crime Attorney will work the case and get you free.  You will have seventeen years of criminal defense and non-stop criminal trials.  

Call if you need a crazily aggressive, sharp attorney, who doesn't stop until you say. 
Attorneys can claim that they are aggressive and win cases, but do they really?   Watch some of my trials to make sure you like my presentation.  These videos are up because I am like the guy from Missouri, you have to "show me."    
Check out the trials at YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Defense Attorney.  Please Subscribe!  All these trials are Brendan McLeod's and a lot more are coming.  Check my style because if you don't like it then you shouldn't hire me.  
Maybe you had an auto accident and a slew of misdemeanors and felonies then our Felony Crime Attorney or Misdemeanor Crime Lawyer is always ready.  Whether you were arrested or cited we will be the best crime attorney for you situation.  

When arrested for a drug charge then our drug crime attorney in Louisville will be the best for bond reduction and arraignment.  Drug Crime, marijuana charges, cocaine crime, heroin charge and methamphetamine crime, present an immediate need for representation. Our Drug Crime Attorney in Louisville and doing criminal defense will shut you up immediately and advise you to to your Fifth Amendment Right, or Miranda Law.   If you are accused to possess drugs and they say you were selling them then our Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer is acutely aware of the most relevant criminal caselaw.  If a case is dismissed in District Court, and it is a felony crime, the case can be presented to the grand jury.  There is no statute of limitations on felonies, as stated,  and jurisdiction is proper.  The case could be dismissed because labs on drugs were not back in time for a district court pretrial or a witness was not available in District Court.  The Officer notifies the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and they schedule a date for the Grand Jury.  The Commonwealth really picks up every single case from District to Circuit that is indicted, and those that are "no true bill," or dismissed.    

Panicked friends upon your arrest:  
You were arrested and your friends, panicked, grab a cell phone and type:  

"Criminal attorneys near me?"
"I was arrested in Louisville?"
Disorderly Conduct, Domestic, Handgun, and Louisville Criminal Lawyer.    
"Criminal attorneys in Louisville?"
"Criminal defense attorneys in Louisville?"
"Who is the best criminal trial attorney and deal maker? What is their experience? What is their background?"

They will find a slew of lawyers and most look the same on the website.  Some attorneys advertise for many areas of law, but they prefer an area where they are experienced like family court, personal injury, social security, employment or otherwise.  Don't allow someone to represent you that is dabbling in that area of law.  Hire an experienced Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney who ONLY does criminal defense and is the best criminal defense attorney for you.    

Evidence Attorney applied to Crime Law
  **(most important area every attorney HAS to know, but few do.)  

Kentucky Rules of Evidence are the most important element that any attorney should know.   

Brendan McLeod, as a Louisville criminal defense lawyer,  has superior control and knowledge of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. This is second only to his expertise regarding knowledge and use of the Criminal Rules of Evidence. Evidence should be a 30 hour class in law school. The best attorneys understand the Rules of Evidence better than anyone, because it is the gatekeeper of evidence in every trial. Not talked about often, not even in law school, the rules of evidence is where everything shows up, like a checkpoint, to get the OK to be introduced or talked about in trial.  If you need a criminal defense attorney in Louisville, Ky., please call our line. 

It is surprising how many attorneys, new to the practice and others practicing much longer than me, are confused and get lost in the Rules of Evidence. It is deadly because every substantive motion on one side or the other is trying to control what evidence is admitted, and to what capacity, or not, at trial. Make it easy to understand because evidence controls what the jurors hear. Motions to Suppress, Illegal Searches and other motions are trying to control what evidence is admissible at trial. ALL the motions leading to trial are evidentiary motions. They all hinge upon the Rules of Evidence and their interaction in any particular case. The best attorney is well versed in Evidence and will be more effective than the lawyer who can simply regurgitate caselaw.  

Brendan McLeod brings this experience and knowledge to the courtroom to provide you with a comprehensive, articulate and aggressive defense. Brendan's numerous trials since 2002 have earned him the reputation of being one of the most confrontational criminal defense attorneys in the area. It is nothing that he has strived for, but one of his older brothers says it was something he was born with. 

 Felony Attorney | Misdemeanor  in Louisville : Dual Criminal Jurisdictions

Louisville Jefferson Criminal District Court gains jurisdiction for crimes, both misdemeanor charge and felony crime, initially. The jurisdiction over felonies will transfer to Louisville Jefferson Circuit Circuit Court once that set of circumstances is presented to the grand jury. Jefferson Circuit Court, in the Judicial Center at 700 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202 is a criminal court too, and has jurisdiction over all felony cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Jefferson District Court is occupied and prosecuted by County Attorneys, hence their name is Jefferson County Attorney's Office. The Commonwealth Prosecutor's Office are State Prosecutors, hence the name, Commonwealth Attorney's Office. The Commonwealth Attorney, who represents the state, is Thomas Wine. The attorneys that work for him are the "Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney's Office."  

When a case is dismissed in Jefferson District Court, but submitted to the Grad Jury and indicted, it creates a situation that is run rampant in the courthouse. The slang is, "it got dismissed, but the Commonwealth picked it up." It never was dismissed with any finality. The District Court Judge cannot dismiss cases with prejudice, or for good. They can be dismissed, presented to the Grand Jury and then the case is back.  Dismissing the case in District Court is sometimes the right thing to do according to our criminal attorney in Louisville.  It can alleviate the fear of revocation of misdemeanor time from previous misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes.  This happens all the time. There is no statute of limitations on on felonies and so they can be presented or, "picked up by the Commonwealth at any time." This is the slang that results. "The case was dismissed but the Commonwealth picked it up." "It is going up." "It went up the elevators." Slang, slang.  

Kentucky Crime Attorney: Brendan McLeod: Zealous Advocate and Trial Attorney

Brendan McLeod has more that 17 years of experience and more than 70 jury trials. As the best criminal defense attorney for the job he will bring a calm to your storm. First and foremost, and it may be too late, but TAKE 5 and SHUT UP.  The Fifth Amendment, or Taking 5, is the first step of isolating the facts and circumstances out of your control.  UNDERSTAND that you will not explain your way out of anything.  This isn't high school and the officers are not hall monitors.  BE QUIET AND GO.  If I am your attorney it won't be long for me to be there.  It won't be long until I whopperjaw the case!   Let the case begin.  

Brendan had his first trial as a criminal defense lawyer 4 months after passing the Kentucky Bar. An Assault in the First Degree and his client facing 10-20 years at 85%, but the  jury was out less than 20 minutes acquitting Phillip E. Lewis. He is still a good friend and wants his name here. During this trial Brendan takes the 2x2 produced as reciprocal discovery in his hands and walks to the medical examiner. After a series of questions Brendan asked, "if I took this club and hit you clean across your head, you think it could knock you out?" The answer was "yes."   Brendan never prosecuted and has found a niche in his ability to cross the Not Guilty Touchdown threshold. Let him be your criminal defense attorney and let you have a piece of mind.   

Usually you want an attorney from the jurisdiction where you were arrested.  If cited in Jefferson County, Louisville proper, more likely than not you want an attorney in Louisville.  Find an attorney near you or close so that it does not bring up attorneys that are not even close to the jurisdiction such as one or two counties away.  If the case is all whopperjawed and will never settle, my experience shows that the best trial attorney is who you hire.  In other words, It doesn't matter where they come from if licensed to practice law in Kentucky. You want the best trial attorney and certainly an attorney who is not going to curry favor from the police officers or prosecution.  I have not lost a trial outside of Louisville, which is Jefferson County, Kentucky.  

Check out a small subset of his trials, Emergency Protective Order hearings, suppression hearings and others placed on YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Trials. **Trials are continuously uploaded and there are 16 more acquittals being formatted and organized.   

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If arrested for a crime in Louisville call the Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. Whether it is a misdemeanor crime or felony crime, contact the Louisville Crime Attorney for immediate problems like bond reduction, probation revocation problems or simple confusion. 
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