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The real criminal trials ready to watch.  Yes, they are mine, but they are packed full of the real arguments.  They are all winners.  Please go to my YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Trials Brendan McLeod and Subscribe!  Thank you.   
1. Capital Murder: Criminal Defense Trial - Six co-defendants. Three plead and testified, three went to trial. Two defendants convicted of Murder, Robbery, Arson and other counts. My client, ACQUITTED ALL CHARGES.  
2. Robbery Trial - Carjacking case. Shots fired into vehicle and trees behind car as ladies fled. Acquitted.
3. Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon Criminal Defense Trial (POHGBCF) - Or Felon in Possession - Truck pulled over for traffic violation at 3:30 am. Occupants were taken out of the vehicle and a gun was out in the open on the floorboard on passenger side, my client. Acquitted. 
4. Robbery in the First Degree Criminal Defense Trial - Bellamy Apartments near UofL. 20 year old student is walking through the parking garage looking for a group of friends when approached and asked for his phone and wallet. After bawking a beer bottle is smashed against his face leaving gashes and 71 stitches on this face. Two young people, students, saw the assailant and one recognized him from school. "I knew him well in high school..." She testified. - Acquitted.    
5. Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine), Promoting Contraband First Degree, Giving a Police Officer a False Name Criminal Defense Trial : - Elisha worked at Bottoms Up. She worked as a bar back and would bring drinks to patrons when occupied with a dancer. She wore a little backpack that had notes, drugs and various sundries inside. Police had wind she was working there and executed an arrest warrant. They had her dress in the back and she grabbed the backpack as she was leaving. In the backpack was methamphetamine and she was charged withe POCS 1st. When entering the jail corrections found a switchblade and charged her with Promoting Contraband in the First Degree. She has used her sister in-law's name at Bottom's Up and her sister in-law testified at trial. She said she didn't care that she used her name and if she had a warrant she would use someone else's name, too. (Not a legal defense, but great jury nullification.) Aquitted, guilty only on misdemeanor Giving an Police Officer a False Name. Tragically, the Defendant and her sister in-law, Abby, overdosed and died within a few years after the trial.  
6. Assault in the First Degree Criminal Defense Trial - Defendant brought into University with injuries and was loud and belligerent. A nurse went to occlude his mouth with tape and he ensnared her index finger, crunching the tip off. This was on video in a room for seclusion in Room 9. Mistrial during last witness. Later Plead to Assault under Extreme, -10 months to server, credit time served. Offer was 10 years to serve. 1 year, credit time served after the first trial.   
 7. Capital Murder, Robbery in the First, Burglary in the First, Trafficking Cocaine with a Firearm Criminal Defense Trial - 
Defendant and his cousin when to some goofy guy's house to sell him cocaine. During the visit it became apparent that the old man did not have any money. Deceased had weird prison tattoos all over his body, painted his toenails, piercings and was a registered sex offender. At some point things got sideways between the old guy and these two 17 year olds. He stabbed my client through the chest piercing a lung. My client's cousin ran out the front door and my client was stuck in the house. At some point a gunshot is heard from the outside the house and my client stumbled out. He collapsed on a neighbors porch. Guilty of Manslaughter Second Degree and Trafficking with a Firearm. Offer was 20 at 85%. He received 15 years at 20%.     
8. Trafficking in a Controlled Substance First Degree - Persistent Felony Offender First Criminal Defense Trial - Amusing trial. If you want a good lesson on what makes someone stand out as someone trafficking in a controlled substance, watch the cross examination of Detective Gary Huffman. Very good an honest detective, I didn't realize I took so much time crossing him. It ends up like the old definition of suspects as defined by the caselaw. Black car, blue car, young person old person, nice clothing bad clothing. Basically anyone in, on or wearing anything could be indicia of trafficking. Finally, asked the Charlie Sheen question after this line of questioning. "If Charlie Sheen was driving through Louisville and was stopped with 125 grams of cocaine, would he be charged with Possession or Trafficking?" in the question asked Detective Huffman. He stated, "Like I said, it all depends on your lifestyle." Not guilty on Trafficking (which would have been 10 flat as PFO1), guilty of Possession, three years probated.    
9. Assault and Terroristic Threatening Criminal Defense Trial - Hardin County - Client was doing weekend in jail serving 90 days for a Possession of Marijuana plea (I didn't represent her on this). During one of the weekends she was charged with Assault and Terrostic Threatening as one of the corrections officers stated she attacked her. ACQUITTED.  

Louisville Criminal Jury Trial Attorney
Preparing for Trial

Get acquittals, not dismissals. There is a difference. Dismissals happen all the time because of overcharging defendants and co-defendants. Sometimes you cannot keep a case from getting dismissed. Not with jury trials. They are harrowing and anxiety driven. Who prepared most thoroughly and how are the witnesses going to come off to the jury? Is the jury going to be able to follow the logic put forth? When you are prepping to try a case and the prosecution really wants your client you have to STEP UP. It is go time and nothing can settle the case. Let the jury decide.  

Put up or shut up.  
So, many attorneys talk the talk and talk the walk and have never walked. I was brought up and told to put your money where your mouth is and so like the guy from Missouri I did.  

Like the guy from Missouri, you have to show me. So I do the same and set out to show you. YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Trials has 10 or so trials, my trials, a couple of suppression hearings, Emergency Custody Orders and various and sundry court matters. The trials are real and in their entirety. I have 16 more acquittals or so that went through to jury trial. It takes a while to upload the trials, though, because some are VHS and you have to feed them into digital format, first. Some jury trials are on dvd and every objection creates a new file creating quite a jumbled mess to collate. It really just whopperjaws everything, but the cases are there in their entirety. The trials currently viewable consist of a Capital Murder Trial, Robbery Trial, Burglary 1, Burglary 2, PFO1 Trial, Trafficking in Cocaine Trial, Felon with Handgun Trial, Possession of Meth and Promoting Contraband Trial, and a Car Jacking Trial. They are all acquittals. Not dismissals, I get plenty of those, too. Jury "Not Guilty" Verdicts.  

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Little Known Statute for Fun: Criminal Defense 2017

Criminal Simulation- KRS 516.108
516.108 Criminal simulation in the first degree.
(1) A person is guilty of criminal simulation in the first degree when he or she 
knowingly manufactures, markets, or distributes any product which is intended to 
defraud a test designed to detect the presence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
(2) Criminal simulation in the first degree is a Class D felony.

Up until 3 months ago, I didn't believe it existed and I didn't know it existed. A gentleman called me and said he had been arrested at his work. He worked for a large manufacturer and was arrested after parking his car and walking towards the entrance.  

I asked what his arrest was regarding and he told me that they thought he was selling drugs. When he had gotten out of his car he placed a bottle of urine on the hood. A friend of his was supposed to be there, but he couldn't wait any longer. I mind is racing and guessing that he is not telling me the truth, that his friend is setting him up, that there is a bigger group involved here, that it has nothing to do with the pee.  
He said the officers searched his car where they found a couple pills, suboxone, and the pee. He said he was charged with a felony and it was simulation or something. I am thinking what he really means is syndication and maybe some co-workers were working in cahoots to steal parts, tools or something from the assembly line.

He texts me his name and I look it up at the office. Nope, Criminal Simulation is a charge. Specific to selling your pee and he is the first client after 17 years having sold it. The officer was a friend of mine and I called him and asked what kind of tomfoolery is going on here. He said he told my client, "what is the pee for?" He kept answering and the officer said, "don't tell me it is for testing. Tell me anything else." The client said, what else could it be used for? I just repeated it was for a friend. I couldn't think of anything.  

The next day I was in a conference room and there were several officers and a prosecutor. I was telling them what had happened and the officer in there said, "happens all the time. I will pull people over and they have a cup of urine. I just don't do or ask anything because I don't want to take urine into the property room with me." 

My friend, the arresting officer, said he had never heard of it until a year before when he was studying for the Sergeants Test.  

Trials on YouTube: The Louisville Kentucky Capital Murder Defense Trial

The Trials currently on YouTube.  
The capital murder case is interesting. I knock a couple people's heads off for sport during cross examination because they were smarmy. One turd on the stand had lied to the homicide detective repeatedly. He was messing around through all of his testimony. I had prepared a great cross-exam for him and when starting the cross I always leave script. After he looks like an ass to everyone then he answered every question I had for him with no problems. But, there were 6 people charged. Three plead, they were juveniles, and three went to trial. Of the three that went to trial only one was acquitted while the other two were found guilty of all charges (Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Trafficking Cocaine, Firearm by Convicted Felon, Arson, Possession of Marijuana). Everyone plead or was convicted, as charged, except my client. He was found not guilty on all counts. I was the only attorney sitting alone. So, my wife bought that for me below, or she made it. You have to be old enough to have seen Sean Connery in The Highlander.   
Please look at the site and call me. I would love to help you in your criminal matters.  
Regards, Brendan.   

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