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Kentucky State BAR
Kentucky Court of Appeals
Kentucky Supreme Court
Federal Southern District of Indiana
Federal Northern District of Indiana
Federal Western District of Kentucky
Federal Eastern District of Kentucky
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
7th Circuit Court of Appeals
The United States Supreme Court
University of Louisville, Major in Accounting 1992
Minor in Computer Science
Minor In Psychology

University of South Florida
Visual C++
Spanning Database Course - Distributed Processing
SQL Span - Database Management 

MCSE Certification, Cisco Router Certification,
Oracle Database Administrator
Microsoft SQL Server DBA

Gauntlet Firewall - Rockville, Maryland
Setup and Installation of Gauntlet Firewall running on
a UNIX Backend. Configuration of ports, scripting,
and configuration of Web Services.  

University of Pittsburgh School of Law 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
University of Louisville Law School
New There is a subsection that addresses marijuana, and its issues, further on in this website. Oddly, punishments and the flux of the law concerning drugs make apparent that the legislature is trying to punish people out of their addiction. This has not worked in the past, it is not working presently and it will never work in the future, either. 

Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer

United States Air Force: Combat Weather

United States Air Force: Combat Weather Unit
Army 20th Special Forces Group (Mideast)
Enlisted in 1988. Went from Basic to 6 months of Tech School and qualified out as a Meteorologist. The Army, unbeknownst, did not handle their own weather, air traffic and other flight based operations. Stationed at Fort Campbell in 1999 I was "donated" to the NightStalkers Group at Ft. Campbell. Sent to Ft. Benning for jump and back to Ft. Campbell. Standing down into the reserves I was called up in 1990 in my last semester of undergraduate studies. Called to convene in February the ground war was over. Colonel Michelini mission shopped for the 20th SF Group and found a mission. Operation Good Will sent us to Zakoo, Iraq in order secure food and water air dropped and to insure the same reached starving and thirsty Kurdish people. The Kurds were there because it was nearly genocide by the Iraqi's until the United States intervened.


Price Waterhouse - Tampa, Florida - Software Division called IDEAS. International Domestic Enhanced Accounting System.  

PC DOCS : Now Hummingbird Software - Northwestern Systems Engineer - Promoted and moved from Tallahassee, Florida to San Francisco, California. Lead engineer on the installation and conversion of San Diego Gas and Electric, US Bank (Portland, Oregon), Wilson Sonsini (Palo Alto), Silicon Graphics (Portland, Oregon), Stanford University Green Library, and more.  

SRA International - (CSRA) - A technology firm that had international contacts and job sites.  When working for SRA, at least 90% of law offices in the United States ran a network operating called Novell, and the desktop PC was DOS based.  
We were performing large data migrations, updating their network architecture to often a FDDI bridge system, and creating PC based communications by way of an IP layover protocol.  
Before the project, Troutman Sanders had around 400 dial up modems, one modem each per law office.  Sharing that modem was AOL or other dial up software in order to have a presence on the Internet.  After integration all users now had Windows 95, the PC would automatically connect to the Insurance , but I can help you get everything seet up, fo.  Now that they were connected to then Internet  for their DOS based documents management systemBased in Fairfax, Virginia the Atlanta, Georgia Office had taken off and we did several large integrations. We won corporate wide accomodations because a state of the art 2000 user WAN installation at Troutman Sanders (Atlanta). 

Louisville Public Defenders Office: October 6, 2002 to October 6, 2003.   5 trials my first year including my first trial, Assault First, 4 months after passing the bar.  Acquittal. 

___________ESTABLISHED MCLEOD LAW - 2003__________

University of Louisville:  Business School  
Taught the course 301-Business Law.  

Our Mission - So true:

To jumping out ahead and staying there creating and keeping this fast paced environment because that is what we are planning for our customers.  Prepare and deliver the status of any project as it proceeds with detail, enough that the company and consultants have the exact same level of knowledge at their disposal.  To work hard and be more informed than anyone else allowing for us to present and naturally know things, not otherwise available, because of our preparedness.  With preparation comes wisdom.  We will always be and are, now, where we need to be and know where we will need to be by the next pretrial.  To foster trust in our clients by an unrivaled work ethic and battery of duties up beyond the norm, create lifelong friendships, through our projects and their implementation.  

Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney and Louisville Criminal Jury Trial Lawyer

Were you arrested in Louisville? Do you want to find an attorney nearby or near me? You want to find the best attorney for Louisville Criminal Attorney. How do you find the right attorney? Shop and ask questions. No psycho-babble, just is he confident and emotionally grounded. Lawyers give themselves nicknames leading people in the public to conclude their experience is much more than it actually is. Often these attorneys are right out of law school or they have never tried a case. See what the attorney's know. Does the lawyer know the process to move supervision out of state? What are the defendant's rights? Can a probation and parole officer just show up and search your house? Do they have discretionary detainer (probation and parole)? If they have any criminal experience these should be answered easily. Made it through law school and according to my client, I am now the "Louisville Criminal Attorney," who is the best Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney. 

Practicing Criminal Law - Louisville as a "smaller" area.

Not without his own problems growing up and his early, numerous scrapes with the law, Brendan has well worn his body of 50 years old. Losing his middle brother, Marty, when he was 15 years old left an indelible impression and huge serving of empathy in Brendan that is hard for him to explain. A war veteran at age 20 and having travelled internationally as a software system's engineer helps Brendan put things in perspective when handling your real life situations.  

"Life is so fragile and lasts such a short period of time that I don't understand taking away from this finite period of time for the concept of jail and prison. I understand the concept on paper, in black and white, but not in a sense of reality. Drugs, reckless behavior, boys being boys and girls being girls, it is hard to envision jail or prison as the logical endpoint." Brendan. He acknowledges well that some people need to be off the street, but generally feels that prison is for the "thieves thieve and the murderer's murderer."  

Brendan brings the same vigor as a criminal defense lawyer to every case he works and loves to be the underdog. Whether it is a simple DUI charge or a complex murder case the client has to be with him and understand the evidence and motion throughout the entire process. This avoids any surprises and gives everyone notice as the case moves forward. Brendan always states that being a criminal defense attorney with 1 plus trials, 30 plus trials, 70 plus trials goes directly to the harrowing fact that you are only as good as your next, or last, trial. He will always tell you that his next and last trial will be his best.  

He is always always happy to represent a fellow veteran in the courtroom. 

Contact Brendan McLeod today. His cell is 502.386.1414 and that is the number you will have. He only needs about 3 hours of sleep per day, so give him a call. Always a free consultation. He doesn't do free jail visits.
If you want an idea of what a steady, aggressive attorney at trial looks like, go to the office's YouTube Channel: KY Real Trial Criminal Trials. Please subscribe. I don't send out notices of updates or anything nerve racking.  
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