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A spectacular Criminal Trial Attorney for 17 years handling State Crime Trial, Federal Criminal Defense, Defense of Capital Murder Crime Prosecution, Murder Crime, Manslaughter 1st Degree Crime, Manslaughter 2nd Crime, Reckless Homicide Crime, Attempted Murder Crime, Complicity to Commit Murder Crime, Tampering with Physical Evidence Charge, Abuse of a Corpse Charge, and more.  

Murder Charge Attorney Louisville, Homicide Crime Lawyer

If arrested for a Homicide Crime in Louisville do not talk to police and call the Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney who is Kentucky's Murder Crime Attorney.   The officer knows that everyone wants "to give you a chance to tell your side of the story," he will say to you and add, "if you don't make a statement I will have to book you."  Go ahead an get booked because you will anyway.  

Homicide Crime Rates are the highest they have ever been in Louisville.  Drug trafficking is pushing the limit where LMPD no longer has the seasoned detectives, thanks to pension crashes, and who they do have is getting creamed.  The Fifth (5th) Amendment is important.  

Firearm Crimes are often used in murders and the trafficking or movement of drugs in Louisville Drug Crimes.  The federal government responded with gun control for handgun crimes and long rifle charges.  

Murder, Manslaughter First Degree, Manslaughter Second Degree, Reckless Homicide

They are interesting cases to try. I have had 4 murder trials. One was a capital murder, death qualified, my client was acquitted and everyone else plead. Two cases they were found guilty of Manslaughter in the Second Degree, and a Robbery was dismissed. The murder trial is an unusual circumstance in that in each trial I was moving for acquittal, not a lessor included. It is just how it is. However, if they convict on murder they are telling you they do not believe YOU. Hello sentencing...
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