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Marijuana Crime Attorney in Louisville

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers are for hire for marijuana offenses in Louisville, Kentucky.  Our criminal attorneys know if you were arrested then you had possession of drugs or marijuana, a gun, trafficking in marijuana, a bench warrant or a WHOLE lot of marijuana and contraband.   Either way, you need to call our Marijuana Crime Lawyer in Louisville so he can begin to get you out of jail and back to day-to-day life.    Becoming law, Housebill 463 addressing criminal offenders, criminal arrests, probation and parole, and crime statutes directed officers to give citations and not to arrest individuals even for felony crime amounts of per se illegal drugs.  Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance should never be arrested and so I feel safe in predicting a marijuana (PLUS) charge if arrested.  Meaning if a person meets up a Louisville Metro Police Officer with marijuana possession or marijuana trafficking and is arrested, there must be a gun or something else.  

Essential Elements to Marijuana Crimes - Possession v. Trafficking

1.  Marijuana Possession        - This relates to knowledge of the marijuana's existence.  You have to know your are in "its control."
2.  Trafficking Marijuana         - "Dealing" in marijuana.  Selling them.  Doesn't necessarily mean the end street user.
3.  Cultivation Marijuana       - you have a green thumb and plant marijuana.  You are growing the marijuana.  
4.  "Intent to Sell"  - You possess marijuana, but not to use.  You are a dealer, like #2.  
5.  Distribution      - Dealing. Same as Trafficking.  Kentucky uses "trafficking" and other "distribution."  
6.  Smugglers         - Usually alludes to larger operation.  An international term as opposed to "state" to "state." 
7.  A Grow              - Slang for house used to plant and harvest marijuana. 
8.  Trap House      - One of many residence a trafficker uses to store their marijuana or drugs. 

Marijuana Crime Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky 

You have been arrested for a marijuana crime in Louisville, Kentucky and you cannot settle the case. 

Jury Trial with Marijuana.
So, here is a phenomena. The marijuana trials are hard to win. You can't keep the jury on board during selection, or voir dire. Oddly, during voir dire in a larger amount of weight case in Jefferson County, Louisville the jury would not stop talking about marijuana. Two fireman and an EMS worker were on the original 45 and they stated to the prosecutor that they could not find someone guilty of a charge relating to marijuana. In my voir dire I tried to rehabilitate the witnesses and it got worse. I said to them, "do you understand that if you keep with that quick answer that you couldn't convict someone of marijuana that it would disqualify you from this jury? That you would not be able to sit and make your decision about marijuana on the jury?"  

I asked this question, I thought, in a way to say, "are you sure, wink wink. If you feel that way wouldn't you like to be on the jury and nullify the verdict? Well wouldn't you?" They didn't pick up the implication or they didn't care. The fireman dug in, the other fireman and EMS raised their hand and about 15 other people did too. I immediately stopped questioning and sat down. You can't keep them on the jury. If someone has any better ideas let me know Otherwise, here are someone "green" laws.  
Marijuana Attorney in Louisville answers about the influx of marijuana in the mail.
Northern California is nothing but nice restaurants, great atmosphere and pack and shipping places.  There is so much marijuana being sold that the shipping stores are packed on to streets.  
Secondly, note here is that a change in the Statutes are predicted because Kentucky does not have a liquid to marijuana ratio enacted as of yet.  People order 50 each 1-gram bottles of pure THC and it is the equivalent of 50 grams of marijuana.   Right now.  A lot of marijuana will come and the legislation will be signed into law when it is already outdated.  
Marijuana Charges : 

Marijuana and its legalization is about to change everything, almost. Most people don't understand that you can still be charged with marijuana under the old laws. How does that happen? Well, if you get marijuana from the black market, thenou can still be charged with the same marijuana crimes 

It is odd to think that marijuana is against the law in Kentucky and legal just two states away. If you are caught with over 5 pounds it carries 5-10 years. If it is a lot over 5 pounds their offers are not coming much down. In a few years this will be legal and there will be convicted felons because of the quasi nature of marijuana.  
Marijuana should be legalized before alcohol. I don't witness the anger, hostility and violence from marijuana that is obvious in a lot of alcohol fueled families.  
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