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Drug/Narcotic Crime Attorney in Louisville

Through the decades of practice I have handled the most complex of Drug Case, Drug Possession Case, Narcotic Charge, Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance Cocaine Charge, Heroin Charge, Methamphetamine Case, Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Crime, Distribution of Methamphetamine Crime with a firearm or handgun enhancement, 18 USCS 924(c), Wiretap Warrants around large Distribution of Heroin Conspiracies, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Distribution of Drugs with a Firearm, and Money Laundering / Structuring. 

Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug Crime and Narcotics Trafficking in Louisville lead to arrests and big bonds and need for a criminal defense attorney.  Arrests numbers are high and bond are big because drug crimes, narcotics trafficking, possession of marijuana with intent to sell are blamed for all the murders, assaults and violent crimes in  Louisville, Kentucky. 

Louisville Drug/Narcotic Attorney 
General Information regarding Drug/Narcotic Crime

Drug Crimes, Aggravated Drug Charges and variations of drug arrests are made quite often, but not enough to cause alarm. The lifestyle that drugs have created and their prevalence in every major U.S. City takes away the federal impact of being prosecuted by the United States.   Practicing criminal defense you are always behind the curve because more than likely the police have gone into property of a client. The best way to chill these investigations is to shop up at the scene and see for yourself, how many T's were not crossed and how many "i" were not dotted.   indictments for Drug Crimes such as conspiracies to distribute heroin, are what occasionally make those sucking sounds in the city.  Our citizens, occasionally being hailed in, or sucked in, to the very tail end, or the "kitchen help" of the conspiracy to distribute drugs.   

Penalties: Very brief  early summary of house this works. 

New Quick overview of how these work and what you can expect. 
In very short sum, Drug/Narcotic Trafficking and Drug/Narcotic Distribution can be punished with just a few years to life imprisonment.    Often, the only people exposed to the court system are the much smaller drug distributors that are operating or working much further down the distribution and so they are normally hung out to dry. Importantly, why the end of the distribution rings are foreclosed on receiving an other than unfair sentence because they don't have the information to disclose.
In fair size distribution syndicates whose drug case hold many individual drug crimes and charges, the person down the closer to the front line are typically "firewalled" when they switched to different drop cars.  

Drug/Narcotic Offenses Generally:  ((You can no longer distinguish State and Federal Cases.  Each jurisdictions weights are similar.  The state is picking up their game.))  The myth of "federal weight", "commonwealth states", and other jail rumors.  

Categories of drug offenses and charges that normally accompany drug crimes.  


Drug/Narcotic possession
Drug/Narcotic trafficking
Drug/Narcotic manufacturing
Drug/Narcotic cultivation
Prescription drug fraud
Intent to sell controlled substances
Attempt and Conspiracy
Trafficking in a Controlled Substance (Cocaine or Heroin or Methamphetamine or Marijuana). 
Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine or Heroin or Methamphetamine or Marijuana).  

WEIGHT: There is no brightline rule to determine federal versus state. Myths derived from how it used to be.  

People will talk about the amount of drugs someone is caught with and say "that is a federal amount. You better hope it doesn't go to 6th and Broadway!" However, it just isn't that simple anymore. The "Federal Weight" seems to be everyday weight, garden variety state weight, anymore. There is nothing fed or state anymore. I've had kilos pass through state court and 3 ounces picked up by the United States. It all depends on what the local law enforcements desires at the time. IT ALSO depend largely on if guns were present and gang affiliation, if someone keeps coming up on radar, the outskirts of a wiretap or local guys prod the federal government to remove the case.  

Generally, your punishment is more harsh in federal court, but that is no longer true.  Enough past felonies and prior traffickings and a fresh Trafficking in a Controlled Substance can enhance up to 70 years.  

           Criminal Drug Trial Lawyer:  Cut through the Chase.  What is the drug case boil down to be?
EVIDENCE 1000 time over!  
I pointed out in the website the importance that the Rules of Evidence play.  Their role and how they interact with the judge/gatekeeper of evidence.   It either comes in or it doesn't.  Drug cases are 95% decided by pretrial maneuvering and curbing of evidence that would or would not be admissible.  

In sum:  
If you cut through all the loose ends then the Criminal Defense Trial for a Drug Possession or Narcotic Possession with Intent to Distribute becomes the ruling on what evidence is going to come into trial. So, the biggest move to keep evidence from flowing is the Motion to Suppress, Fruits of the Poisonous Tree Remedy. You want to make sure you can suppress early enough on into the investigation that it in effects precludes the introduction of any criminal activity. So, Drugs : Narcotics, Drug Notes, Statements, and yourself.  There is no magic to the Defense of a Drug Charge, other than doing what you can do to keep the evidence out.  

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