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A Robbery Trial is like a tight  tight rope walking without the net.  I have had a lot of these trials and they never seemed good going into them. However it seems I leave with an acquittal.  I have tried 5 Robbery in the First Degree.  They are 10-20 years at 85% eligibility for parole.  
Just get your mind set with the Defendant's and you make sure you have to win.  

There are three Robbery in the First Degree Tapes tried by our Robbery Crime Attorney to a defense verdict, or acquittal.  These are on the YouTube Channel: REAL Criminal Defense.  Click this link and you will go to the actual trials.   

Robbery First Degree Attorney:  Trial One and Two
The Bellamy at University of Louisville

A young University of Louisville Student was robbed in the parking garage at The Bellamy, at University of Louisville.  The victim was a student at the University of Louisville and worked at UPS (United Parcel Service).  
After sleeping a little bit at a party a young man woke up and proceeded to look for his friends who were no longer in the apartment.  Looking around The Bellamy without luck he proceeded to the parking garage.  He wanted to see if his friends had actually left since he could not find them.  At the third floor, or so, while walking through the garage he was confronted by a black man who demanded his wallet and phone.  When he replied "no," he was struck viciously across the face with a beer bottle.  Just under 200 stitches were necessary for the injuries sustained.  T
he victim was found contemporaneously with the assault as a friend was coming up to him and saw this from about 25 feet away.  Also, a young lady stopped her car as she was exiting the garage to help.  She stated she knew the perpetrator.  Not only did she know the perpetrator, but well since she had gone to high school with him.  Further, she added he was a troubled kid and had a reputation for dishonesty in their high school in E-Town, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  
The Berry Trial was first tried about one year after the event.  The Commonwealth caused a mistrial during the testimony of the victim.  The case was retried about a year later with two added co-defendants.  It was a defense verdict and he was acquitted of all charges

Robbery Crime Lawyer in Louisville;  Trial Three

Hanzel Merriweather was tried for two counts of Robbery in the First Degree, PFO 1 and a number of other charges.  It was tried initially to a mistrial by another attorney 

Robbery Crime Lawyer Lawyer; a property crime.

Robbery, or forceful theft, is punished right up there with some homicides, rapes and kidnapping. 10 to 20 years at 85% makes it an unsavory charge.  
Robbery is a crime against another human and Burglary is a crime against property. Therefore, your "house didn't get robbed."  But, someone could break into your home and forcefully take your money.  The forceful does not have to be physical, but an implication such as waiving a gun while asking for you money.   
Once people get robbed it becomes crystal clear that they were robbed as opposed to burglarized.  

Robbery Statutes and Definitions

Louisville Robbery Charge Attorney

KRS 515.010 Definition 

The following definition applies in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: "Physical force" means force used upon or directed toward the body of another person. 

KRS 515.020 Robbery in the first degree 

(1) A person is guilty of robbery in the first degree when, in the course of committing theft, he uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force upon another person with intent to accomplish the theft and when he: (a) Causes physical injury to any person who is not a participant in the crime; or (b) Is armed with a deadly weapon; or (c) Uses or threatens the immediate use of a dangerous instrument upon any person who is not a participant in the crime. (2) Robbery in the first degree is a Class B felony. 

KRS 515.030 Robbery in the second degree 

(1) A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when, in the course of committing theft, he uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force upon another person with intent to accomplish the theft. (2) Robbery in the second degree is a Class C felony.

The three statutes, written just above, is all the law provides in regards to the offense.  It is a very simple charge and very easy to win or lose.  Robbery is a straight forward claim and it is against one or more people  Even if it is a made up scenario and his friends are in on it they can still commit robbery.  
EXAMPLE:  So, if a friend walks into Sonic and his buddy is working behind the counter and he says get your hands up and drop to the floor after he gets the money out, and he does that, then that person is not a victim of robbery.  However, when he tells his friend to "get his hands up and get on the floor," and 2 other employees who are there don't know about it and they put their hands up and drop, that is two robberies.  That example was true, btw.  
So, some things to bring up in defense of a Robbery 1st is "fake gun,"  bb gun, no gun, don't have gun!  
Or, it wasn't him.  Photo packs are not what they are cracked up be to in regards to an identification, at least as far as a jury is concerned, I guess. 

YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Trials Brendan McLeod --Has two Robbery in the First Degree Trials.  An attempted carjacking where shots are fired into two ladies car.  The second was a beer bottle smashed against someone's head when they were asked for their phone, or wallet or both.  They were both found "Not Guilty" at trial.  I tried the cases.  
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