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                Theft Crime Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky

If charged or arrested for a theft crime immediately call the Louisville Theft Crime Attorney.  Theft is common and Louisville Citizens and people visiting will steal leading to criminal court.  Theft Crimes and Fraud Charges today seem to be committed by polarized opposites and a teetering of Theft versus Fraud.

Shoplifting may not end in arrest, nor seem severe, but it leads to probation violation hearings and a bad criminal record.  Probation officers may file a special report if you inform them you were cited for a theft crime, shoplifting charge, or fraudulent use of a credit card crime for example.   Theft Crime, Identify Theft Charges, and Shoplifting make it very hard for people to gain employment.  For years I have seen people come out of jail or the penitentiary and are immediately employed.  This isn't true for the shoplifter, thief or fraudster.  

To hire a thief or murderer logic. 
The logic is at first seemingly odd, but I have grown to adopt it more.  Often when hiring they could have someone charged with murder and someone with thefts.  Well, they think, this guy murdered someone, but this person was stealing.  I don't need someone stealing and this other person may have needed killing and so I will hire the person convicted of murder.  

Shoplifting crimes I have loosely associated with drug use, but now the correlation is much stronger.  The causation is so strong that I have made quips that there needs to a Possession of a Controlled Substance 4th Degree (this charge does not exist in Kentucky) that they can charge people with instead of shoplifting. 

Clients have told me that when they are taking drugs, some more than others, they shoplift and they don't remember most of it. XANEX is a big contributor to this.  Heroin is up there too, in regards to not remembering or lowering inhibitions to the point people steal.  Methamphetamine use often leads to stealing but necessarily for the same compulsion.  A lot of my clients who use methamphetamine may not have a steady place to live because inevitably they are up all the time.  They end up grouping together and sleeping at odd hours.  They then seem to get things like toiletries, candy, whatever.  Just an observation.

Receiving Stolen Property Crime Attorney in Louisville

Really hard cases to prove so when you are arrested for possessing or receiving stolen goods crime you need the best criminal attorney and also a Receiving Stolen Property Attorney. Receiving Stolen Property and similar charges are like the bad little cousins of the Theft Charge in Louisville, Kentucky.  This charge is the KRS if you are in possession, or possessing stolen property.  

Defenses to Receiving Stolen Property Crimes are much better and more readily available than Theft Crimes.  It is hard to defend a theft when you have gone through the point of sales, have something in the in a box with no receipt, or taking something off a porch.  Receiving Stolen Property defenses are paying a fair market value for something used, the flat "I didn't know it was stolen but its not mine, or "I bought it from a guy and he had others!"   My observation is that if you paid $50 for a gun on the streets it is stolen.   

Receiving Stolen Property Crimes and others are so prevalent.  I am surprised how many people are taken by ads in Craigslist, Internet and other outlets.  People buy cars, stereos, expensive furniture and TV's and never get the seller's name, a good "all time phone or address."  If something, like a car, is too inexpensive then it is either stolen very poor condition.   

There can be simultaneous crimes that are related such as a fraud on someone who is buying a product that is stolen.  People steal vehicles and they try to clean title so they can sell the vehicle.    They take the VIN off the same model in a junk yard, get rid of other VIN numbers and they get the car in their name.  Later sell it to someone and if caught they are going to try back to whomever had possession of this vehicle/item.  The deal may have been really inexpensive and that reflects that the item was stolen and does not reflect current value because it would otherwise be sold for that amount.  

Fraud Crime Attorney Louisville Kentucky and Theft/Fraud Lawyer

If arrested for fraud you probably need an attorney very quickly because these types of cases are more complex than a simple theft of property crime.  Although complex they will unravel quickly and you will need a Fraud Crime Attorney in Louisville.  

As opposed to removing a physical object of value from wherever like in a theft crime, Fraud Crimes normally involve the misrepresentation of someones title, value or application.  They lie in wait and the and attack at there whimsy.  Their attack is stealth and they ideally hang on to and that become a steady place to leave.  

A great example of Fraud Crime has probably happened to most people here in Shelbyville? I receive suspect emails all the time stating my Yahoo!.  Account was needing to have its password changed.   If you were to click the button to send the information it then starts a script in the browser which opens various ports and a huge manipulation of data proceeds.  It takes longer up front to setup and pull the gaff, but it has the potential of turing out huge.  
Grand Theft Larceny Airplane Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky Airplane Lawyer
I have never had the chance to defend someone in a grand theft larceny airplane crime case, but it was unique enough that laughingly I place this.  A friend of mine's friend received this charge in Florida.  He apparently took a plane, fueled it up and flew to Colorado with a payload of marijuana long before it was legal.  It certainly was a stolen airplane, but I am sure the Trafficking in Marijuana Charge didn't tickle.   
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