Heroin Case: Aghan Brown, Tar, Colombian White

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Being arrested in Louisville for possession of heroin can be a life changing event.  University of Kentucky students, professionals, factory workers, illegal immigrants and every sector is arrested for drugs every day.  Call the Louisville Criminal Defense Attorneys and we will put our heroin crime attorney on the job.  Bond Reduction is first and if other problems like probation revocation come up we can handle that, too.  Call now, we never close and the our consultation is free. 

Louisville Criminal Heroin Attorney
White, Brown and Black Tar - The quest to smoke.

Heroin comes in three main forms; 1). White for, China White or Eastern Tan; 2) Black Tar; 3) Brown Tar Heroin (Base). 

Quest for a form of Heroin:  I will put the addict up their with rocket scientists.
The forms and the difference in their behavior can probably be summed up best as the folly of being human.  The intelligence of humans is amazingly impressive.   We have taken people and walked on the moon.  We have gone to the greatest depths of the oceans and created things, such as the computer, which are really fantastic understanding their true capabilities.  Lastly, the human has figured out how to make drugs that have been existent in various forms because of their end processes.   

Do not confuse humans for weak or for possessing traits which do not allow them to enter the gate of brilliance.  No, humans, very smart humans, and my guess is that these forward thinkers were addicts.   These brilliant addicts of course came up with what was necessary in order to have drugs available to them more often or running into heroin, in the wrong state (not Kentucky)!  .  

So, what do we have?  We now have ready access to take heroin in any form, no matter how it was final processed (base, brown, tar) and inject it, snort it or smoke it.  Some poeple will never shoot up, but they are looking for that tremendous high they got the first time they did heroin.   Well, smoking comes pretty close for those people.   

Discouraging.  Does anyone know someone with more than 2 years of sobriety FROM Heroin and are happy?  I would love to see it because I am not believing it becuase I don't see it. 

What do we do?  Penalize, treatment, bury.


No matter the form, will be available.  If a user runs into black tar, but likes to inject, they simply dilute it and stick that gummy stuff into their veins.  Whatever the form that heroin is purchased, it is an easy fix to get it to the form they prefer.  Shooting, smoking or snorting.  

So where to from here?  

1.  Punitive:  Well, Kentucky will put a user in jail, let alone the trafficker.  The user charge, possession, carries up to 3 years in the penitentiary.  "Small," or "little
 traffickingh  his sarms willl get out anddo buineses.   
2.  Inpatient programs are still punitive.  They are not allowing people to get out of jail unless that they can promised your kept yourd words.  Or, intensive outpatient, where they are given a narcotic substitute such as suboxone or methadone.  
3.   Slide into the coffin.  Go ahead and go, or find someone to listen to.  
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