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Excellently skilled trial attorney who during his 17 years handled cases with Criminal Trials, Criminal Defense, Federal Criminal Defense, and Defense of Capital Murder Case, Drug Crime, Assault Crime and Domestic Abuse Case, Firearm Crime, Fraud Case, Theft Crime, Shoplifting Allegation, Robbery Case, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Emergency Protective Orders, Mail Order Marijuana Case, Violation of Protective Order, Probation and Parole Violations, Bond Reduction and more...

Experienced Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Worst Cases. 
Experience is what you want.  Success is what you need!

Brendan McLeod, our criminal defense attorney in Louisville, has a lot of experience as this site touts.  But, what does that mean to the criminal defendant wanting to mount the best criminal defense?  Besides numerous misdemeanor cases tried and won, Mr. McLeod has tried 30 Circuit Court Felony Crime Trials only losing fully in 3 trials.  In 3 other trials the defendant was found guilty, but of a felony that was a lessor included offense.  In 24 of the trials the defendant walked away completely exonerrated, or not guilty in all counts, or was convicted of anything other than misdemeanor charges.  These cases are listed below and a statement of facts are listed and able to be viewed.

General Criminal Defense: Information, Evidence and Strategy  

I was arrested for theft in Louisville, Kentucky where can I find a criminal defense lawyer? or;
I was arrested with drugs in Louisville, can you direct me to the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisville? 
I spent the night in jail for trafficking drugs Louisville and I really need a criminal defense attorney to help.   
I was arrested while in Louisville for driving under the influence  and need a criminal defense lawyer. You know one? I need the best!
Charged with shoplifting in Louisville and need a criminal attorney.
Looking for a Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney for allegation of marijuana offense. 
Marijuana Crime in Louisville Kentucky and I need a defense attorney.
I was charged with marijuana crime in Louisville and need a defense attorney.  
Here you go. They are looking for a criminal defense attorney, but how do they figure who that is? 

Jury Trial and Rules of Evidence

If arrested or cited for a crime in Louisville then it is possible that it leads to a trial.  There are bench trials and jury trials.  Jury Trials are necessary and are an integral part of a criminal defense attorney's arsenal. Great jury verdicts lead to great plea deals. Brendan McLeod, the Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer, prefers jury trials over bench trials.   If you are not scared of trying cases and you are winning trials your plea deals will reflect that ability. Look around and before you find your attorney see if they try cases. See if they have won at trial? If they have, how many? Circuit versus District Trials?

When I look around and I see the courts and trials in Louisville, I realize how few attorneys have trials consistently. I'm sure there are defense attorneys that have not won at jury trial. There are so many attorneys that have practiced 10 years and more who have not had more than 5 jury trials and have still never one a trial. This is not a fluke.

When I say "jury trial", be sure, that is not a "dismissal." Every trial that is won I guess equates to a dismissal, but certainly, not every dismissal is from a jury trial. Find out your attorney's background and figure out what is going on.
Care to watch a trial? Go to my YouTube site, right here. That is the custom URL. Go There are see what you are getting. There are currently 11 trials on the channel, from murder, robbery to trafficking drugs. They are acquittals and 14 more are coming. There are also suppression hearings and EPO hearings, too. Oh, and they are me, Brendan McLeod.

Attorneys and lawyers talk about their experience, trials, hearings, and duration of their practice. I put my money where my mouth is. I really don't pin myself other than the best criminal attorney in Louisville, Kentucky. Here are some of my trials. Check it out and determine if you like my style before you approach to hire me. Oh, please subscribe. Thanks. 

    Real Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney Experience. 

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State Jurisdiction v. Federal Jurisdiction: 

The state and federal courts are very similar in regards to case flow, or the procedural due process. The United States makes much more of an effort to keep the defendant alert to the "procedural posture" of the case, but much more secretive regarding the discovery in the case.  In short,  the U.S. likes to keep the Defendant from learning more about his case.  1) Arraignment; 2) Bond Reduction; 3) Pretrial Conferences; Motions, etc. 4) Trial Date.  

Probation and Parole: Parole or Probation?  There is a difference.  Get it right!

Probation and Parole officers and getting to know the Officers and their offices is integral in representing your clients and doing criminal defense work.  If the client doesn't work this system like they should with respect and relationship building they will have a horrible time with their probation and parole officer creating a risk of noncompliance.  

Crime Services List for Misdemeanor Crimes and Felony Crimes -  Louisville Criminal Attorney
A partial list of crimes defended by McLeod Law, where Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer practices, is Domestic Abuse Crime, Domestic Violence Charges, Assault Crime, Criminal Assault Charge, Complex Assault Crime, Domestic Assault Case, Burglary Case, Terroristic Threatening Crime, Criminal Trespass Charge, Alcohol Intoxication Charge, Open Alcoholic Beverage Case, Theft Crime, Shoplifting Charge, Driving Under the Influence, Drug Case, Firearm Charge, Handgun Charge, Gun Crime, Marijuana Possession Case, Trafficking Drugs Crime, Possession of Drugs Charge, Possession of Drugs with Intent to Sell Crime, Cultivation of Marijuana Charge, Post Office Marijuana Crime, Murder Case, Homicide Trial, Robbery Case, Fraud Crime, Drug Crime, Federal Fraud Crime, Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs Crime, Defaced Firearm Charge, and many more.    

List of Services

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