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Trafficking Cocaine Defense Attorney  

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Possession of Cocaine Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky

Arrested in Louisville for Possession of a Cocaine Charge or Cocaine Trafficking call for bond reduction and our cocaine attorney in Louisville will mount a defense. Call the Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney who is the best cocaine possession lawyer in Louisville for this case.  Cocaine charges carry a heck of a sentence and although you see it all around you it is no less a street drug than heroin and methamphetamine. Our best cocaine lawyer in Louisville is Brendan McLeod and he is always available. 

Our drug crime attorney notes that cocaine possession in Louisville, Kentucky is as big a problem as ever.  A felony crime, like any other narcotic, it may not be the target of the search warrant you unfortunately were present during, but it will be thrown in with the rest. More importantly, all three drugs resemble each other in one form or another and cocaine will be misfiled during collection of evidence. 


In the Louisville Metropolitan Jails in custody arraignment a criminal defendant demonstrated the necessity of  a drug crime attorney, or any lawyer in all reality, to stand in at arraignment.  Sitting and waiting for my arraignment a defendant stepped up in jail, without counsel, and the prosecutor stated he is charged with possession of a controlled substance heroin.  The man stated, "no, that was cocaine, not heroin," correcting the prosecutor.  That sounded like an admission to me.  

Drug Crime Lawyer: Cocaine Possession versus Cocaine Trafficking in Louisville

Arrested in Louisville and charged with Trafficking in Cocaine and you had 7 grams of cocaine in your possession. The 8 grams you purchased were less than $200 and they gave you more than the 8 grams. It was not meant nor ever actually delivered to anyone else and it was for your own use. 

This is a common practice in today's society where larger amounts of drugs are routinely found and simply charged as trafficking. Little or no outside evidence corroborates that anyone was trafficking in a controlled substance cocaine. The officers will look to the amount you have in your possession, the amount of currency you have on you and the existence of paraphernalia, like scales and baggies. Today's society and the age group culled for trafficking lead to much bigger quantities of drugs on individuals that are simply using drugs and have no desire for trafficking.

Cocaine, in Louisville, and the larger amounts of disposable income to this generation create images of the dealers in the 1990's and 2000's that would have 2 grams but in 20 different bundles for sale. Users, depending on when arrested, routinely have between 1 gram and 28 grams because they do not want to constantly drive to the provider's home.  
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